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Nurturing a Network of Powerful Consultants


The Art of Transformational Consulting is not just a stand-alone professional development opportunity that is complete when the five-day course is over. We just had a clear demonstration that the course itself is only the beginning of a personal and

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Is the Art of Transformational Consulting Worth It?

A group photo from a recent ATC Community of Practice gathering. Sarah From, the author of this post, is front and center in blue.

If you’re considering applying to the Art of Transformational Consulting, you may be wondering if it is worth it: worth the time away from home life and family, worth putting client work on hold for a week, worth the travel

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Yes to Collaboration, But How?

An artifact from a recent convening about how to start effective networks, summarizing what the participants learned together. The video at the bottom of this post describes this product in more detail.

Like a broken record, progressives have repeated for years that we need to work together and coordinate beyond our traditional divides and “silos.” It is common knowledge. Yet after all these years, effective collaboration, where the whole adds up to more

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