What is Transformation?

“Transformation is profound, fundamental change, altering the very nature of something. Transformational change is both radical and sustainable. Something that is transformed can never go back to exactly what it was before.”

– excerpt from What is Transformation?

If you read one thing about our work, let it be this. What is Transformation? is compelling, inspiring, and critically important reading for anyone working for a more just and sustainable world.

The paper examines the endemic challenges in social change movements and the need for a transformative approach, and explains the basic principles behind social transformation. It features quotes and stories from progressive leaders and thinkers, some of which will surprise you.

This publication is a great introduction to how we can transform our organizations, our movements, and our world for the better.

Learn more about What is Transformation? from Robert Gass in this short video:


You can download the PDF below, or contact us to order a physical copy.